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Below are a few good reasons to contact us to quote your next project:


  • We take the time to educate you on the complexities of building construction so you can make informed decisions regarding design and quality.
  • Our expertise extends beyond our immediate personnel and leverages the knowledge base and expertise of STAR’s Engineers and designers, so you can be assured that you building will meet state and local codes, be safe, and above all meet your expectations.
  • Building Technologies regularly exceeds standard loading and size requirements to insure the safety and long term usability of your building.
  • International projects can be engineered, designed, and manufactured coast to coast in USA then shipped internationally to your site any where in the world, erected quickly, safely and efficiently. Why be limited by local resources and raw materials, reduce in-field changes and unreliable manufacturing. Know that your project will be completed on time and under budget any where in the world.
  • We optimize your building experience by leveraging the internet to keep you informed, leveraging natural resources to save you money, and leveraging mass production techniques to save you time and money. The result is a high value low cost turn-key building, built in less time.
  • Building Technologies stays on top of the latest improvements and innovations in building engineering. Let us incorporate state-of-the-art concepts into your next building for a faction of the cost of what you might expect. Call us now for a BLDGTECH Rapid Quote and compare


The Design/Build Process – A Single Source Responsibility for your Total Building Needs

What is Whole-Building Design?

Whole-building commercial design considers all building components during the design phase. It integrates all the subsystems and parts of the building to work together. Because all the pieces must fit together, it is essential that the design team be fully integrated from the beginning of the process. The building design team can include architects, engineers, building occupants and owners, and specialists in areas such as indoor air quality, materials, and energy use. Whole-building design takes into consideration the building structure and systems as a whole and examines how these systems work best together to save energy and reduce environmental impact. For example, a building that uses extensive daylighting techniques will reduce the amount of heat given off by lighting fixtures, thus allowing for a smaller air conditioning system. This whole-building philosophy considers site, energy, materials, indoor air quality, acoustics, natural resources, and their interrelation.

This approach brings together building design, energy efficiency, and today’s solar technologies to boost your energy savings and make the most of all your building’s elements. It reduces the amount of energy required to operate a building compared to conventional buildings. It improves the comfort of building occupants by using pleasing architectural designs to brighten up work areas using sunlight rather than electricity, without causing excess glare.


The major advantages that the Design/Build method offers over the traditional method are:

  • Experience working for the Owner at the initial project development.
  • Single source responsibility.
  • Guaranteed total costs before construction begins.
  • Faster design and start of construction.
  • Greater flexibility for changes thanks to direct communication.
  • These advantages translate into the following benefits:
  • Lower total cost
  • Faster occupancy





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